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Justice Chamber of Commerce Shop Local and Win Promotion


In order to benefit both Justice Chamber of Commerce businesses and our residents, the Chamber presents Shop Local & Win. We’ll start the promotion in early March.

The simple version is that customers who shop at three different Chamber businesses in a month can turn in their receipts to the Chamber for a raffle ticket. Two raffle winners will be drawn each month and each winner will receive $50 in Chamber Bucks (in $10 denominations, so they don’t have to spend it all at once). The Chamber Bucks can be spent like cash at any participating Chamber business. The business will then turn in the Chamber Bucks to the Justice Chamber of Commerce and we will give them $10 cash for each Chamber Buck they’ve collected from customers.

Here are the details:
  • Only businesses that have an active Justice Chamber of Commerce membership will be able to participate. Participation is voluntary and a business may decide to opt in or out at any time.
  • Each business that participates will receive:
    • A promotional sign to post on their door or window. (After the local elections are over, we are planning to purchase lawn signs, too.)
    • Instructions for the business employees
    • Promotional rules and info page to hand out to customers
    • For non-retail businesses we will provide a printed “receipt” for them to give out to customers. The receipts will be on non-reproducible paper, so they can’t be copied.
      • The businesses will each need to decide what qualifies as a “purchase” for them. Here are some ideas…
      • The Justice Public Library we’ll hand them out to patrons that come in to use the computer, check-out library material, renew their cards, etc.
      • The Village of Justice might give out receipts to people who come in to pay their sewer bills, get vehicle stickers, etc.
      • An insurance, trucking, or auto repair company might want to give them out to customers who come in for quotes.
  • Customer instructions:
    • Collect 3 receipts from 3 different participating JCC businesses. Either a retail receipt ($10 or more) or a non-retail receipt as described above will qualify.
    • For each 3 receipts turned in the customer will receive a raffle entry form. Customers may enter the raffle more than once. The receipts can be turned in at the Justice Public Library.
    • If the customer needs to keep their receipt (for a warranty, business reimbursement, etc.), then the receipt will be marked with “JCC Raffle”, so it can’t be used again.
    • Customers will fill out their name and phone number on each raffle ticket, then the ticket will be entered in the drawing for that month.
    • If a customer wins the raffle, he/she will receive $50 in Chamber Bucks (5 @ $10 each). The Chamber Bucks can be spent like cash at any participating business. No change will be given, so if a winner only buys $5 worth of merchandise and uses a Chamber Buck to pay for it, he/she will lose the other $5.
  • Raffle information:
    • Drawings will be held once per month.
    • Each month 2 winners will be drawn. Winners will be notified by phone.
    • Once notified, winners will have 30 days to pick up their prize. If the prize is not claimed within 30 days, a new winner will be drawn. 
    • Each winner will receive 5 Chamber Bucks, worth $10 each, for a total prize amount equaling $50
    • Non-winning raffle tickets will be shredded each month after the winners have picked up their prizes. So, each month the raffle tickets entered will be only those turned after the last drawing.
    • Chamber businesses that collect Chamber Bucks from customers will notify the Chamber and we’ll reimburse them $10 cash for each Chamber Buck they’ve collected.
  • Sponsor Information:
    • Businesses or individuals that donate $250 or more will be listed as sponsors on our promotional signs and our website
    • All donations will be used to fund the raffle prizes
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